For lack of a better description, this page is titled “Testimonials”. This is a collection of prayers, blessings and thoughts about the Appling Archers and their mission.

Please pause today or this Memorial Day weekend and give thanks for:

•God’s faithfulness and favor among us.

•teaching us how any surrendered part of our lives ( our passion archery) He can use mightily for kingdom building

•giving us a larger family to pray for and encourage

•for this year’s leadership in all designated areas

•for those whose lives have been impacted even changed for His glory

•our local church body who continually volunteers and walks with us S2S (Shoulder to Shoulder)

•…its everyone’s chance NOW to add to the above .  We now have opportunity to tremendously encourage one another. Who will be first to add another blessing?

_ _ _

Witnessing god move in the lives of men because they came here just to shoot a bow and someone cared enough for them to share Christ message with them    Men change right before our eyes. Becoming husbands and fathers again to families that needed a godly man in that position. God is always good.    We do a little he moves mountains. Archery is our gift to use as a tool to represent his love to others . Little is much when god is in it . We are all evangelist ( someone who goes somewhere to tell somebody about JESUS)  

Steve Griner

_ _ _

Praying for.
Praying with.
Prayer is how/where it all started.

H. Eubamk

_ _ _

For sure a blessing for me is watching the men I grew up with, my Dad and others, give of themselves to create an environment for others to come to be, welcomed, prayed for and challenged.  It’s shaped me to have the same heart.  I am less selfish, less arrogant, less focused on the temporal from watching you men serve and give.

John Eubank

_ _ _

Years ago (still vivid in my mind) God spoke to me while competing during an archery “shoot”.  Those were  the compound days for me. God’s words still ring true “here is where the field is ripe… this is where I want you to work”. 

Later another piece of the puzzle came to my heart when I realized we are the church wherever we go. Wherever and whenever  , even “on the playground “.  As you are going as the commission calls us.  We have become God’s arrow.

A lot of memories have gone downstream since those early days .

A few of my fondest : when Mike Evans squared the door panel of a truck, shooting the dinosaur across Cedar Crest, witnessing a man come to Christ at old Kiokee, the big fish fry’s, new friends now becoming old friends , the grace target , Watching the storm split and go around us at Wildwood, serving freely the GTB at Warrenton, and giving so much; hunts, food, bows, and even ourselves and we did so joyfully .

_ _ _

We are all a little saddened missing the memorial day Archery Festival this year. Yet we have experienced more than enough of His life among us to know the best is ahead. Amen

_ _ _

People had been praying about changing the date of the bow mission. We got an answer!

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